Filters Miss Two Thirds

How to best help your AC? Change your air handler filters regularly. But that might not be enough: changing filters alone only addresses one third of your indoor air pollution. APCO is the solution to taking care of the remaining, sometimes more toxic, two thirds.

Filters alone take care of particulates like dust which make up about a third of the air quality problems in your home. The other two thirds are more problematic and need serious defenses.

Enter APCO Detox:
Mold and germs can be neutralized by UV light. They make up an additional one third of the threat. The last third is the toughest: biological contaminants and VOCs. These can be counteracted by the combination of UV light, carbon and the photocatalytic oxidation process.

APCO easily handles the often more problematic two thirds of the air quality problem in your home. Protect your entire home by adding APCO Detox to your air handler and start breathing cleaner air today!

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